Vintage Hair & Make-Up Tips

Make up and Hair stylist Gemma Sutton shares her top tips on how to create that glamorous 40/50s look.Photography:

1. The last couple of years have seen a real trend for 40s & 50s styled make-up & hair, why do you think this is?
Pin curls came into fashion in the 1920s, 40s and 50s.  I think it is amazing that this art of styling hair has remained famous after so many years. It’s a beautiful and glamorous look which is why women today still want to recreate it. The makeup was also striking with soft beautiful pale skin and power popping red lips. I’m always going to love this look.2. How can you achieve this 40s & 50s look? Loose Curls are perfect to get that 40s & 50s styled look. Try adding a vintage accessory to the hair, this will make it much more interesting. Remember, if you are using vintage statement hairpieces keep the make-up to a minimum to avoid looking overdone.

Five easy steps to achieving this look at home:

1. Prep the hair with shine-enhancing spray, this will cleanse and condition the hair ready to style.
2. Tong the hair and secure curls in place with clips ensuring no areas are missed. Leave the clips in as long a possible.
3. Take the clips out then pin back the hair in sections pulling away from the face to create the style you are looking for.
4. To make sure your hair doesn’t droop, spray with hairspray and add extra kirby grips. Use grips that are a similar colour to your hair ensuring they go unnoticed.
5. Complete the look by adding an eye-catching accessory, giving this look a romantic and sophisticated finish.
3. What new trends do you see coming through in hair and make-up?
More ladies are using daring colours and lipstick is HOT right now. I think going red and bold is still such a classic and beautiful look. Celebs like Gwen Stefani, Georgia Jagger and Katy Perry are all lovers of a brighter, vintage, sexy fuller lip.

My top tips for hot lips:

• Smooth concealer over your lips to lock down the colour.
• Work in thin layers, starting from the middle of the lip outwards.
• Apply lip liner after the lipstick. Using a lip brush ensures a smoother finish.
• Finish with clear gloss making lips look even fuller.

My favourite red’s: Color Fever Lipstick in 151 by Lancome, Signature hydra lustre lipstick in Rich Red by Estee Lauder and Moisture Drench Lipstick in Dare Devil by No.7.
4. Can you work this look if you don’t wear vintage clothes?

Of course you can, just take elements of the look you like such as a bright red lip or a black thick liner. If you want a make up free day, lovely loose curls with a vintage brooch gives you that beautiful 40s/50s style. Remember style is about inner confidence and how you feel. Hair, make-up and clothing work to compliment this and are a great way to express your
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